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August Necklace

August Necklace

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Make a statement with the August Necklace! This beautiful piece of jewellery features meaningful engraved Taylor Swift lyrics “To live for the hope it all”, providing a unique reminder of optimism and positivity. Crafted with stainless steel, the necklace is designed to provide a timeless look and feel with a stylish, purposeful message. Make a special moment sparkle with the August Necklace!

Length: 45cm

Material: 18k gold plated stainless steel

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Customer Reviews

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August Necklace

Aanchal gupta

can you please make more of folklore necklaces. pleaseeee!! my tears ricochet next

Harkriti Kaur

I’m always in search of something Taylor related and I LOVED THIS NECKLACE it’s such a simple and beautiful piece of jewellery that one can wear daily.

Mrinalini Singh
Hi ! It’s me, repeat customer here

I have been a repeat customer of delta charms ever since I discovered them because they have impeccable quality, very kind support service and thoughtful innovative designs.. safe to say I’ll be a repeat customer going fourth too as they made me the happiest by launching TheSwift collection, I am a huge swiftieeeee <3